Ph.D. Course in Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

The Ph.D. is expected into Italian university as the third and highest level of university education. Access to a Ph.D. program is only intended for those who already hold a first level university degree (B.Sc.) and a second level (M.Sc.), or equivalent, and want to invest in a level of education higher in a specific field of activity and research.

At DIET, highly specialized research and teaching activities are held, in the context of the Ph.D. course in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The Ph.D. program consists of four curricula:

1) Applied Electromagnetism;
2) Information and Communication Engineering;
3) Electronic Engineering;
3) Radar and Remote Sensing.

For each curriculum, a wide range of activities and research topics can be addressed during the Ph.D. program (three years), thanks to the very high profiles of DIET Professors, and the availability of several structures, laboratories  and research tools of our department.

For useful information, in particular regarding the Admission Procedure, please refer to the Ph.D. Program official website, selecting the voice “Admission Procedure” in the menu on the left.