Double M.Sc. Degree Georgia Tech

The MSc Courses in Electronic Engineering and Communications Engineering  offer the opportunity of joining the master double degree program for students of both, Electronical Engineering and Communication Engineering in association with the American collage GeorgiaTech.

Gatech’s main centre is located in Atlanta (USA) while the European one is located in Lorrein (France). Gatech is one of the most considered college in the whole country and in the world as confirmed by the rankings of its engineering’s programs.

Students of the master double degree program shall attend at their home university and the second year abroad.

To join the double degree program is strictly necessary to satisfy a few requirements, namely a minimum final grade in the Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications or Electronical Engineering, three recommandation letters from professors of the I3s Faculty, and IBT TOEFL or TOEIC and GRE with grades above assigned values.