International Doctorate

The International Study Program at  DIET encourages foreign MSc graduated students to enter a PhD program within DIET, as well as supports DIET PhD students to broaden their perspective towards international goals.

A foreign or Italian MSc graduated student entering a DIET PhD program may benefit of an individually established agreement between DIET and international academic institutions.

Firstly, the DIET PhD Student may benefit of individual specific inter-institutional agreements for joint research doctoral thesis (in Italian “cotutela”), allowing her/him to achieve either a joint or a double degree between the DIET and the partner academic institution. Besides, under specific conditions, a student enrolled in a joint doctorate program may be assigned the title of “Doctor Europeus”.

As an alternative, the PhD student can exploit an Inter-institutional Agreement for International Doctoral Mobility, which yields, together with the PhD degree of the home academic institution, an additional certificate testifying that she/he has participated to a specifically defined doctoral mobility program.

Finally, foreign PhD students from different home institutions can visit DIET Labs on a short project basis (3-6 months), either to conduct research or to attend courses.
Link to possible funding agencies.

Foreign students incoming at DIET can apply to a DIET PhD program benefiting of dedicated  fellowships. Besides, foreign students can apply for a DIET PhD program without fellowship. The procedure for applications are described at the dedicated Sapienza web-page.