Admission Procedure

Each year, the DIET Ph.D. program enrolls students up to a predefined number of open positions, a few of which covered by fellowships (€ 19.800,00 per year). Perspective Ph.D. students are selected on the basis of an open competition, based on exams, which usually takes place in September. Notice that perspective students must submit their application a few months earlier, typically in June or July. Applicants are admitted to the Ph.D. course according to their final ranking, until all available positions have been assigned.

Perspective students from abroad can also apply to a foreign-student-specific open competition, giving access to a Ph.D. with fellowships. The call for this application is usually issued in March.

Finally, foreign candidates who do not plan to compete for a fellowship can apply for a Ph.D. position not covered by grant. These positions that are not covered by grants and that are specific for foreign candidates are indicated as “supernumerary”; foreign supernumerary Ph.D. students can be admitted, based on their curriculum vitae and studiorum and/or an oral interview, up to one third of the positions offered by the DIET Ph.D. course for that cycle.

Perspective students can find the details of the application procedures at the Sapienza Ph.D. programs web-page.